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Indian Earth employs state of the art manufacturing facility to manufacture breakfast cereals like muesli and corn flakes in multiple variants and flavors in India.

We are Certified
The facility is ISO 22000:2005 certified and involves a team of skilled specialists and technicians.

Custom Made Recipes

We have capability to offer custom made recipes of corn flakes and muesli as per the requirement.

Quality Assurance

With stringent checks at every stage, we ensure that the customer gets the guaranteed grade of products.
Indian Earth

“It’s about being healthy”

Our team and tasters are busy ensuring you get the right balance of taste and nutrition to see you healthy today, tomorrow and for life. Indian Earth, is a true and honest brand that has its roots in India. We empower the “Make in India” initiative and introduce the best of healthy and fibre-packed products to our consumers.

Indian Earth was set up to provide nutritious and healthy products with wholesome ingredients, making them delectable with select flavours. It’s a very exciting year for Indian Earth as we are developing new products to add to our healthy range in the near future.

Now every choice is healthy, nutritious and tasty.


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