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India Earth directly urges and empower the Make in India initiative, transitioning India into a globally approved brand and manufacturing center of healthy, high-quality and premium desi food products crafted by honest works of Indian manpower.
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Indian Earth, a name that shares its roots with the ideals of our great Nation, was launched in 2018 under the wing of its parent company, Vita Sana Foods Pvt. Ltd. Our range of healthy food products are cultured with supreme quality, the goodness of Indian flavor and nutritional value- all of which represent the core of being an Indian. And this is why India Earth wants you to have the best cornflakes in India in your breakfast. India Earth Offer best cornflakes in India topped with nutritiously nutritious seeds, freshly handpicked to fulfill perfection, beats the tangy & insane notes to mature into a priest and enjoyable experience. And this is why India Earth wants you to have the best cornflakes in India in your breakfast. It’s just refreshing and simply bracing to have someone take care of you with the right portion of vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, and fiber per serving.

We Provide Best Cornflakes and Muesli in India

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Best corn flakes in India endeavor a low-fat, nutrient-dense, cholesterol-free food that promotes breakfast consumption. Appreciated for its excellent quality and high standards of production, Our products, the best cornflake in India and best muesli in India are enriched with all the goodness of wheat including 54% whole wheat, 35% wheat bran, sugar, barley, malt essence, salt, minerals like iron and zinc oxide, as well as various vitamins. It contains wheat flakes that have a strong outbuilding content to support the digestive system in a better manner.

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Indian Earth provied best muesli in India online from the one of the best brand in India Indian Earth. Try our Muesli for your everyday meal. Every single bite is the ignition of flavor, a genuine pleasure for your taste. Made with a wonderful mix of ingredients from around the world, its a delightfully tasty start of your day. Every single bite is just as healthy as it is tasty. So go on treat yourself.


Best Cornflakes in India Best Muesli In India


Being Honest and Transparent in everything we do.

Best Cornflakes In India

Providing consumers with what they need for a healthier tomorrow, today.

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Providing healthy & nutritious food to our consumers. Committed to our team that makes us who we are.