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Musk Melon Seed

Musk Melon Seed

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Indian Earth Muskmelon seeds which are helpful in weight loss,  helps in hair and nail growth, good for heart health, work as a colon cleanser,  protect from cardiovascular disease. These Muskmelon seeds are full of nutritional value and are remarkably from all perspectives.

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Muskmelons seeds are a substation of health; these seeds are packed with a number of nutrients that they practically seem like the superhero of fruits. Indian Earth encourages health and well-being. These seeds not only contains ingredients which boost precise biological functions but also adds nutritious value to your meal. It also holds a huge amount of calories and an essential nutrient for still, younger-looking skin. Buy Muskmelon Seeds, Delectably cultured muskmelon seeds inspired by Indian Earth is here to satiate your cravings with a healthy alternative. Rich in vitamins and beneficial proteins, muskmelon seeds is just what the summer demands. Roast, boil or toss them raw on to your salads and sandwiches for an appetizing breakthrough


  1.  Muskmelon seeds help in controlling blood pressure
  2.  It helps in Strengthening the eyes.
  3.  These seeds are useful in weight loss.
  4.  These seeds are low on cholesterol which helps to control diabetes.
  5.  Increase Immunity
  6.  Prevent from Kidney stones
  7.  High in water, prevents from dehydration

Nutrition In Muskmelon Seeds 

This is what you will get when superhero of the fruit is in your daily diet plan.

  • Serving Size – 1 cup -150 grams
  • Sugar – 12 gram
  • Calories-53 kcal
  • Carbohydrate-13g
  • Protein-1.3g

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